10 Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Techniques

10 Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Techniques


Most people know they need to lose weight. They see it in the mirror, they feel it when they put their clothes on and the low self-confidence and self-esteem reminds them every day. But, for many finding the motivation to lose the weight, even when they know they need to is something else.

This is very common, and most overweight people struggle with the motivation factor their whole life.

But, motivation is essential for weight loss, no matter if you need to lose 10 or 100 pounds, it’s the most important element of success. In fact, if it was easy to lose, obesity would not be worldwide epidemic that it has become.

It is important to realize that losing weight is well worth the effort because it has many benefits.

Here are 10 Great Weight Loss Motivation Tips

1. Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight.
Make the list nice and long and readable. Write down how you would feel if you don’t lose the weight. And, also write down how awful it will be if you lose some and then regain it if you quit and waste all the effort.

2. Each morning remind yourself of your reasons to want to lose weight.
Check your lists and read them out loud. Consider how you will feel if you don’t lose weight and those reasons go out the window.

3. Set goals.
It’s important to have goals in writing. Set short and long term goals, stick with them, mark off achievements as you go.

4. Think lifestyle change, not temporary diet plan.
The motivation cannot be short term, it must be lifelong to maintain fitness. Diets are temporary, learn to eat right, change your bad habits and the magic will happen.

5. Choose the right weight loss method.
This can often be the key to long term success. Many over extend themselves by choosing fad diets that cannot possibly bring long term and lasting results. They also choose diets they cannot follow and just set themselves up for failure. Choose wisely and it will keep you motivated for the long term.

6. Envision success.
Imagine yourself fit on a daily basis. Imagine how you will look in a smaller size outfit. If you have one, hang that outfit that doesn’t fit in plain sight so you can see it daily. Look at pictures of fit bodies or whoever you want to look like to remind you of your goals.
Do this daily.

7. Celebrate the successes.
It is very important to celebrate each success. Establish a reward for each 5 or 10 pound loss. A movie, a new outfit, or anything you enjoy to make a big deal out of those success. This helps with motivation and also makes it harder to throw it all away should you want to quit.

8. Be good to yourself.
If you have a relapse and do cheat, don’t beat yourself up.

9. Put a picture of your old self in plain sight.
The worst picture you can find that really upsets you in regards to your weight. Each and every time you want to cheat, skip workouts or otherwise blow your diet plan look at the picture.

10. Ask for help.
Accountability is really good for motivation for weight loss. A friend, nutritional counselor or family member that creates some accountability is really helpful.


Where to Find Motivation

Finding motivation to lose weight is all about changing one’s perspective. While many consider dieting a hassle, too hard and inconvenient, this is the wrong thinking.

Think instead of learning to eat healthier and make better choices, one food and one day at a time. For example, choose an apple instead of a donut. Eat vegetables for a side dish instead of fries.

Evaluate the food you eat and take a close look at your daily calorie intake.  Start walking daily, then increase your workouts as you get healthier. These are just a few examples of action steps you can take right away.


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The Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Improves health
  • Makes people much more energetic
  • Makes people look great
  • Makes people feel great
  • It’s mentally rewarding

It prevents lots of diseases associated with obesity, like, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and cancers, just to mention a few.