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Diets That Work Fast or Diets That Work Good?


diets that work-Mediterranean diet

Diets That Work – Mediterranean Diet


There are basically two types of diets; diets that work fast and diets that work good. The ones that work fast typically require a cleanse or fasting period, involve some type of pills to rev up your metabolism or make you feel full so you’ll eat less and suggest you remove entire food groups from your diet. Diet that work good, however, are not necessarily fast, but are more likely to last. Which would you rather have, a diet that work fast, but doesn’t last or one that work slow and keeps the weight off?


Fad Diets That Work

Common fad diets are just extreme enough to help you lose weight fast, but as soon as you return to a normal eating routine all of the weight returns, and then some. All this does is encourage yo-yo dieting because you’ll be frustrated that you gained the weight back and be even more desperate to find a diet that works to get rid of the fat. Fad diets only work on a short-term basis.


Even popular low-carb diets are difficult to maintain over time. They can really help you lose weight fast in the beginning as you limit your carbs to less than 100g per day, but the weight comes back on quickly if you take a break from it and each time you restart it, it is that much harder to get back into the groove and lose more weight. The sooner you stop spending time chasing the magic weight loss cure, the sooner you’ll lose the weight and regain your health.

Diets That Work Good Long-Term

The other type are diets that work for the long-term. These actually require a lifestyle change. It starts with changing your mindset and adapting a positive attitude. You have to have the right mentality to stick with this type of diet because it isn’t meant to last 10 days or 12 weeks, it’s a life change that requires you to develop new habit to replace the old ones that helped you gain weight in the first place. Check out the Blood type diet a nutritional diet advocated by Peter D’Adamo Eat Right 4 Your Type: The individualized diet solution to staying healthy, living longer & achieving your ideal weight a healthy diet in which he recommends distinct diets for each blood type.



A good diet is one that involves eating fewer calories, cuts back on trans fat, requires exercise, has some flexibility and allows for the occasional treat. A good diet also addresses behavioral changes and how to get support. A well-rounded program tends to work best at helping people lose weight and keep it off.

Choosing Between Diets That Work Fast and Diets That Work Good

Diets that work good are better than diets that work fast. They are usually more healthy too. Before you start another diet, consider if it is something you’ll be able to stick with for the rest of your life. If it seems too extreme, restricts you from eating the foods you enjoy or requires the use of pills, it’s not a long-term solution for weight loss and will only cause you further setbacks on your journey. Focus on finding a diet that works for the long-term. It might not be the fastest weight loss plan, but slow and steady wins the race.