INSANITY Workout Review



The popular INSANITY DVD Workout is a series of multiple DVDs that are definitely high intensity, and promised to totally transform your body in the shortest amount of time possible. Beginners to a fitness regimen may find it difficult to keep up at first, but will also see the quickest results. A nutrition guide and calendar is included for you to track your progress, and you even receive free online support from fitness experts and others just like yourself. Let us crack open the INSANITY DVD Workout and see just what you can expect.


Key Features of the


  •  10 very intense workout DVDs
  •  DVD interaction makes you feel like you have your own personal trainer
  •  Movement between anaerobic and aerobic exercises provides maximum health benefits
  •  Free online support
  •  60 day program delivers quick results


Is the INSANITY DVD Workout
a Good Buy?


If you are serious about sculpting your body, burning fat, losing weight and becoming stronger, the INSANITY DVD Workout is the perfect purchase. This 10 DVD fitness system will truly test your limits. Be forewarned, this system employs long bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest, so it can be intimidating at first. Just rest when you need to, and jump back in as soon as you can for the maximum physical effect.


The DVDs include workouts from 20 to 60 minutes, including an 80 minute recovery session. You will also receive the Elite Nutrition Plan which offers you a specially designed meal plan to give you the perfect fuel to accompany this intense workout. There is also a fitness guide and Insanity Calendar. The calendar is great for setting and tracking your workout goals and to keep motivated.


If you are goal oriented, you will love the Fit Test Tracker, since it tracks your training results as you transform your body. Another nice plus is the online support package which keeps you involved even when you are not working out.


Personal trainer Shaun T delivers a very difficult workout, with results that are guaranteed to please. Another great plus is, this system uses just your own body weight, so no expensive exercise equipment is needed.


The INSANITY DVD Workout will be a good purchase if you are tired of being out of shape and are a beginner, or are at the intermediate to advanced levels of fitness. The medium to high price tag is well worth the difference you will see in your fitness, strength and overall health, and the quick return on investment is truly insane.

 INSANITY DVD Workout – Base Kit

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