Gazelle Edge Trainer Review

Gazelle Edge Trainer

Gazelle Edge Trainer

Gazelle Edge Trainer

The Gazelle Edge isn’t technically an elliptical trainer at all. It’s actually a glider, but fulfills some of the same functions as an elliptical by offering a low-impact aerobic workout. It comes in at an astonishingly low retail price just under $150.00 which means it undercuts the vast majority of elliptical trainers significantly. However, does this come at a price, and will you get the same benefits from using the Gazelle Edge glider as you would with a standard elliptical trainer? Let’s take a look.  


Key Specs For The Gazelle Edge Trainer  

  • RRP: $167
  • Dimensions: 43 x 28 x 53.8 inches
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Gazelle Edge Trainer: The Pros

Smooth Motion: Many low-end elliptical trainers don’t really live up to expectations when it comes to motion. They are often jerky, and when on a tight budget this can be tricky to avoid. The Gazelle Edge, however, offers a very smooth motion that leaves you able to enjoy exercise distraction-free.  

Low Impact: Despite not being an elliptical trainer, this glider offers very low-impact exercise. This is a result of the way in which you move during exercise. Your feet never leave their pedals, which means there are no impact shocks generated from footfall. Being low-impact means that the Gazelle Edge works well for those who suffer from impact related injuries in the lower body, such as damaged knees and ankles. If you need a device for rehabilitation, this could be a real benefit.  

Price: Before you get your hands on the Gazelle Edge you’ll already notice how cheap it is. It retails at a price below virtually all elliptical trainers on the market, coming in at just under $150. Most cheap elliptical trainers retail for at least $200 which makes a good saving for the budget-conscious.  

Foot Platforms: The foot platforms on the Gazelle Edge are large, which has several benefits. Firstly, for those with large feet, there won’t be a problem in using this device. Whereas some cheap alternative products could be uncomfortable, the Gazelle Edge will suit virtually all users in this respect. The other advantage to the large foot platforms is that they make it less likely for your foot to slip out of place. Planting your foot squarely in the middle of the platform gives plenty of room for movement before you’d even approach losing your footing.  

Smooth Speed Transition: The Gazelle Edge is a very smooth ride. This is thanks to the simple design. Because the movement is entirely generated by the operator, it also means that transitioning from slow to fast pace is natural and fluid, mimicking your own natural change of pace and stride.  

Quiet: With no motorized parts or drive belts, the Gazelle Edge is a very quiet device. It can easily be used while others are in the same room without it becoming an annoyance, so feel free to watch TV with the family while you work out.  

Storage: Another very useful design point of the Gazelle Edge is that it can be folded away for storage. Elliptical trainers are much more substantial pieces of equipment, and once set up aren’t really meant to be stored away out of use. They take up a lot of room which is annoying, especially if you have limited space in your home.


Gazelle Edge Trainer: The Cons

Motion: Because the Gazelle Edge is a glider rather than an elliptical it offers a very different kind of motion. While elliptical trainers mimic the natural human stride closely, engaging all of the leg muscles that would be involved in such motion, the glider only creates a swinging motion. This motion isn’t as natural as an elliptical trainer and may not be as comfortable to use. At the very least, it takes some getting used to. And those who are used to the kind of motion an elliptical trainer normally gives might have a hard time adapting to this new kind of movement.  

Weight Capacity: The Gazelle Edge can’t take much weight when compared to elliptical trainers. Most ellipticals offer somewhere around the 300 lbs weight limit at least, with plenty going far in excess of that. The Gazelle Edge is only suitable for users up to 250 lbs, which could be a blow to those looking to lose weight, or to very tall and broad users who have much greater body mass than the average person.  

No Resistance Settings: Perhaps the biggest blow to anyone looking to get a more elliptical trainer style workout from the Gazelle Edge is the lack of resistance settings. There is literally no resistance at all, with exercise only taking place to the same degree as when you walk or run. This means you can’t push yourself anywhere near as hard on the Gazelle Edge, making it unsuitable for fitness aficionados who need to get a relatively intense workout from their equipment.  

Is The Gazelle Edge Trainer Worth Buying?

While the Gazelle Edge doesn’t offer everything that an elliptical trainer can, it still has its benefits. For low intensity low-impact workouts it’s a pretty good choice, especially if you’re looking to keep to a budget. If you’re looking for an intense workout or full elliptical motion, though, then you’ll need to give this a miss.

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