Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer

Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer Review


Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer


The Livestrong LS10.0E is one of the more expensive elliptical trainers currently on the market. Although there are less competitors at this price range, quality is of a higher average standard, making it just as much of a challenge to come out on top. With a reputation to uphold, how does the Livestrong LS10.0E fare in the elliptical trainer market? Let’s find out.


Key Specs For The Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer


RRP: $200

Dimensions: 76 x 24 x 67 inches

Weight: 199 lbs

Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Stride Length: 20-inch


Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer: The Pros


Heavy Flywheel: The Livestrong LS10.0E comes with a heavy flywheel weighing a full 23 lbs. This is well above average for consumer elliptical trainers and makes a world of difference in practice.


Firstly, the heavy flywheel makes for a smoother ride. Smooth motion is an important feature of any elliptical trainer, and a lack of smoothness in motion can actually ruin a workout and also make the machine unsuitable for those with joint problems who require low-impact workouts. The other advantage to a heavy flywheel is that it helps lend the machine additional stability. The weight of the flywheel can offset that of the user when exercising, preventing wobble in the equipment.


20-inch Stride: Elliptical trainers vary in the stride length that they offer. Some cheaper trainers fall short of the full natural stride, leaving exercise motion feeling slightly cramped, or at least not as free as it should be. The Livestrong LS10.0E offers a large 20-inch stride that match other high-end machines and even commercial equipment that gets used in gyms. This is a great advantage to those who are serious about their workouts and can’t make do with shorter stride lengths. It’s also beneficial to those who aren’t so experienced, as the longer stride uses a greater range of muscles than a shorter one.


Built-In Programs: For the tech-hungry out there the Livestrong LS10.0E is sure to please with its built-in programs. There are 11 different programs available, as well as custom program options, which allows the full range of workouts for avid elliptical trainer fans. This does set it apart from many of its rivals which offer fewer programs. So if programs are an important feature to you, then the Livestrong LS10.0E could be a good option.


325 Lbs Weight Capacity: Elliptical machines vary greatly in the upper weight limit that they can support. Cheaper machines in particular usually have relatively low weight capacities. This machine offers a substantial weight capacity of 325 lbs, which is one of the highest available. A 325 lbs capacity means that nearly any user can get on this elliptical trainer whether they need to lose some weight for health reasons, or if they’re just tall and broad and of a naturally greater body mass than other people.


Solid Build: The Livestrong LS10.0E has the solidity and stability that you expect of a higher end elliptical trainer. The parts are of good quality, and the frame is designed well with solid connections, which help keep things from shaking even during the most vigorous of workouts. The machine is also very heavy, helping to keep it stable even with larger users.


Easy To Assemble: Exercise equipment in general is notorious for being tricky to assemble. Users often overlook this fact when deciding what to buy, but there are machines with terrible instructions and parts that just don’t seem to fit resulting is long assembly-times of three hours or more.


The Livestrong LS10.0E is, however, simple to put together and shouldn’t cause any problems even for the non-mechanically minded. You don’t need to worry about struggling to put this together after it’s delivered. It’ll be up and running in no time.


Quiet: Noise is a common problem with exercise equipment and this is no less true when it comes to elliptical trainers. Many squeak, rattle and clink during use, and some will generate lots of background noise that drowns out anything going on in the room.


While the Livestrong LS10.0E isn’t quiet enough for you to watch telly with your family while you work out, it’s significantly quieter than many of its competitors, especially at the cheaper end of the market. You’ll be able to use it in one room without annoying everybody else in the house, and you’ll also be able to enjoy your music as you exercise without difficulty.


LCD Display: Among all elliptical trainers, the Livestrong LS10.0E has one of the best LCD displays for exercise readouts available. It is large and clear, and presents a range of information all the time. This makes it easy to set goals and keep track of your progress.







Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer: The Cons


Noise: While generally there is little noise produced by this machine, there have been some user reports of a strange sound coming from the flywheel. This is due to faulty products, and most machines won’t do this. However, it’s something to watch out for and may be a reason to return a product in exchange for a new one.


Durability: While it’s impossible to say much about the general durability of this device without testing it for a considerable length of time, there have been user reports of rust developing on the machine quite easily. To try and keep this to a minimum it’s important that you wipe the machine down after every use, making sure that it’s clear of sweat and dry.


Is The Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer Worth Buying?


The Livestrong LS10.0E is a great machine that comes out pretty high in overall quality as well as value for money. There’s really no reason not to go for it unless you’re concerned about possible noise issues with the flywheel or having to take good care to ensure there is no sweat left on the machine after the workout. This is a highly recommended device.