P90X Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Workout Review

The P90X Workout



 Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Workout has somewhat of a reputation in the home fitness genre. Almost every new release is inevitably compared to the P90X program when judging its worthiness. The P90X Workout has been around for many years, and yet it still boasts an incredible amount of supporters that absolutely swear by it.


A 12 disc DVD program, the P90X is not a workout designed for beginners or those completely out of shape, but rather for those looking to get into better shape. This is an important distinction, as the P90X isn’t called the 90-Day Extreme workout for nothing. This is a challenging workout program, and those without a basic level of fitness or training will simply not be able to keep up. For those that can, there is still a lingering doubt as to whether a workout program like the P90X has stood the test of time.


With the health and fitness market constantly developing and changing, does Tony Horton’s P90X still measure up as a heavyweight, or is it past its prime?


Key Specs for P90X

  • RRP: $150.00
  • Number of DVDs: 12
  • Body Areas: Total body workout
  • Instructor: Tony Horton
  • Workout Length: 90 days



P90X: The Pros



Comprehensive Workout:P90X is a 12 disc DVD workout program that quite literally carefully and methodically works every muscle in your body over the course of 90 days. The workout is structured for constant variation, so you are constantly changing the focus of your exercises and the muscles that you are working.


There is no filler material here – each and every workout has a place and purpose, and is structured so that you don’t burn out by placing too much stress on any particular body parts. That being said, these are not easy workouts.


Don’t expect to jump straight in and be able to fly through the workouts first time without breaking a sweat. On the contrary, it is quite apparent at times that even Tony seems to be out of breath with some of the more taxing exercises. The thing to remember is that this is a whole body workout, and to pace yourself. You will see your strength, flexibility and fitness increase quickly, but it will take some time before you can master a majority of the exercises in the P90X workout.


Tony Horton: If ever there was the ideal personal trainer, it is Tony Horton. Tony is the perfect balance of firm and encouraging; strict and personable. Tony will subtly encourage you to keep going and to persevere, but at the same time his manner is reassuring and fair.


With many other home training programs, the presenter and instructor can be irritating and off-putting, but with the P90X Workout you find yourself striving to improve. Tony knows what he’s doing, and he inspires confidence.


The manner and style of the DVDs is professional and warm, and at no point does it feel cheap or tacky. Without Tony Horton at the forefront, there is no doubt that the P90X would not be as popular as it is today, and that is absolutely no reflection on the workout’s content.


Standalone Exercise Workout: With so many home training workout DVDs, the exercises are dependent on you having exercise machines, weights and other accessories to hand. The P90X Workout requires nothing but commitment and a positive attitude. In the P90X workout, the exercises are designed to use your own body’s weight against itself to work your core muscles into a sweaty heap. There is no need for any kind of accessories, meaning you can take the P90X Workout with you wherever you go!


While this is extremely convenient for many reasons, more than anything it shows how you can simplify exercise right down to the basics and come out with a comprehensive, challenging exercise workout that even the fittest of athletes will find tough.




P90X: The Cons


Fitness Test Suitability: As stated before, Tony Horton’s P90X Workout is not suitable for everyone. Helpfully, there is a fitness test that it is recommended you complete before buying the P90X DVD Program. The problem with this is that it’s not obviously stated that this pre-test is an absolute must! The P90X fitness test can tell you very simple whether the P90X Workout program is suitable for you, and there are many people that it is not suitable for. Therefore, it is somewhat annoying that this fitness test is not linked to the product at every sales page. You can find the fitness test very simply by searching for “P90X fitness test”, and it is highly advisable that you take that into account before buying.


Is the P90X, Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program Worth Buying?


While many workouts can quickly become dated, Tony Horton’s P90X 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout has demonstrated staying power that others can only admire with jealously. The question at the start asked whether the P90X was past its prime, but like a fine wine, it just gets better with age. Although beginners and those with any kind of health problems should stay away, the P90X is still at the top of the pile for comprehensive home fitness DVD programs. The range of exercises are fantastic, the production superb, and the results simply cannot be denied. You will need to put in the effort for the P90X Workout to be effective, but if you do the rewards are just as impressive today as they were several years ago.