Stamina Air Rower Review

Stamina Air Rower Review

Stamina Air Rower

Exercise equipment for home use has been gaining popularity rapidly in recent years. This may partly be fueled by the economic hardship so many are now experiencing, where gym memberships are likely to be dropped in order to save money, and working out from home is the solution.

The Stamina Air Rower is a low- to mid-range rower with a reasonable price tag. It’s not meant to break any boundaries or seriously impress, but just aims to get the job done. The question is, does it do that well enough? Read on to find out.

Key Features Of The Stamina Air Rower

  • RRP: $400.00
  • Type of Resistance: Air
  • Size: 77 x 18 x 22 inches
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Foldable? Yes

Stamina Air Rower: The Pros

Price: Although the Stamina Air Rower isn’t the cheapest rowing machine on the market, it’s reasonably priced. It comes in at around the $300 mark, which makes it the lower end of the mid-range. For anyone on a budget, it’s a decent price point that won’t break the bank.

Folds For Storage: One of the best things about the Stamina Air Rower is that it can be folded up for storage. Not many rowing machines can be folded away, which makes them a much less convenient choice. Fold-away functionality has many advantages, it’s not just for those with limited space. It’s simply nice to be able to put exercise equipment away if you don’t have a dedicated gym area.

Of course, the biggest benefit is felt by those with limited space, and this certainly is an aid to space saving. So if you’re tight on space this machine should suit you.

Targets Most Major Muscle Groups: One of the best things about rowing machines is the range of muscles that they work out. Most exercise equipment focuses on specific parts of the body such as the legs. However, a rowing machine offers an almost total body workout.

The major muscle groups targeted by a rowing machine are the shoulders and triceps, the upper and mid back, the quadriceps, the glutes and the core muscles that form the abs amongst others. This means almost the entire body is covered by a single machine, and not only that but the rowing machine is great for cardiovascular exercise so it strengthens the heart and lungs too.

Low Impact: Rowing machines are a great choice if you’re susceptible to impact injuries or are recovering from one. They’re also excellent for other kinds of physical rehabilitation too. They don’t cause impact injuries because all the physical motions you make when on a rowing machine are fluid and remain in contact with a surface at all times.

Solid Construction: One important feature of any piece of exercise equipment is that it be solidly built. The Stamina Air Rower remains stable during use thanks to the solid construction. It doesn’t feel like it’ll break apart under you during training!

Display: The display of this rower reads out speed, distance, time and calories. That gives you all the essential information you need to track your fitness levels.



Stamina Air Rower: The Cons

250 Pound Weight Limit: One of the shortcomings with many of the cheaper rowing machines is the weight limit. This rower only has a limit of 250 pounds, which is okay for some users, but heavier users aren’t catered for. This is problematic for those who are overweight and looking to get rid of some of it.

Poor Leg Resistance: works arms more than legs, defeats purpose of rower One of the biggest let downs of this product, and the deal breaker really, is the resistance level. Although the arms are trained well enough, the leg resistance is seriously lacking. This seems due to a poor design that means the resistance doesn’t kick in until your body is almost fully extended – only the last moments of leg extension and the arm extension receive serious resistance. As a result, overall training on this device is weak and inefficient.

Not Great For Cardio: Because of the poor resistance, this trainer also falls down when it comes to cardio workout. Without much resistance, it’s tough to really get the heart rate up, and that means your heart doesn’t get the training it needs to stay healthy.

Wind Resistance Only: Another major let down of this device is that its wind resistance only. That’s an unusual mechanism that changes the way you have to use the device. For many, it’s an added complication that they’d rather do without – a standard rowing machine is the better option for most.

Noisy: Another problem with this device is that it’s noisy. If you are planning to use this in a home setting, then expect to cause disruption.

Is The Stamina Air Rower Worth Buying?

It’s hard to recommend the Stamina Air Rower due to the poor resistance that it offers. On top of that it uses wind resistance technology which isn’t suited to everyone. It’s still a cheap option, so might be of interest to those on a tight budget, but users should expect a problematic piece of equipment if they do opt for this.