Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill Review

Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill


Stamina-InMotion-T900-Manual-Treadmill.jpgThe Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill is a cheap manual treadmill that markets itself as a lightweight yet sturdy and reliable piece of equipment: perfect for beginners and those with limited space. With prices under $200, it certainly is one the cheapest treadmills around but, as you would expect from a treadmill at this price, it is an extremely basic machine. The Stamina InMotion has two incline positions, 8 or 10 degrees, and has an optional battery powered electronic monitor to calculate time, speed, distance and calories burned during your session.

Many people will be attracted to the Stamina InMotion’s low price and compact size, but the question that needs to be asked is whether the InMotion is a viable option for buyers looking to regain their fitness, or is it priced so low for a reason?

Key Specs For The Stamina InMotion
Manual Treadmill

  • RRP: $104.98
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 lbs
  • Top Speed: self-powered
  • Incline: 8-10 degrees
  • Foldable? yes
  • Number of Programs: 4


Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill: The Pros

Price: At less than $200, and in some places considerably less, the Stamina InMotion certainly offers customers a bargain priced treadmill. Manual treadmills are traditionally cheap, and this is no different. The low price makes the Stamina InMotion particularly attractive for people looking to invest in their first treadmill, or those who are limited by space. The running belt is narrow at just under 13 inches, but the 41 inch length is plenty for most walkers. There are very fewer cheaper manual treadmills around.

Assembly: Assembling the Stamina InMotion treadmill is considerably easy, but you still have to take care to do so correctly. There are very few parts to put together, and it is comfortably a one man task. The instructions are clear and concise, and all the parts are clearly marked and distinctive.

However, buyers must make sure that they align the running belt correctly. This is not difficult to do, but it does take a little time to ensure the belt is perfectly centered. An off centre belt will not run smoothly and could end up damaging the treadmill. Overall, however, the assembly will not take you more than an hour.

Storage: The Stamina InMotion is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space to spare. It’s extremely simple to fold the device into its vertical position, and while in its folded position can comfortably fit in a wardrobe, under a bed or up against the wall. Many treadmills claim to fold for easy storage, but are either difficult to maneuver or bulky when folded. The Stamina InMotion is neither of these. With two wheels on the bottom and its lightweight design, it is also very simple to move and transport in a moment’s notice.

Sturdy: With many cheap and lightweight manual treadmills, you end up with a machine that is neither fit for purpose nor capable of handling any kind of vigorous use. With the Stamina InMotion treadmill, you get a surprisingly robust device. The treadmill can handle weights of up to 225 lbs and, unlike many other cheap manual treadmills, it actually delivers on its promise. The lightweight design is solid and reassuring, and in no way does it feel flimsy. A welcome surprise from a treadmill you might expect less from.





Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill: The Cons

Steep Incline: The Stamina InMotion can be used at either an eight degree incline or a ten degree incline. While this may be good for people who are looking for a tougher exercise program, it is quite limiting. The inclines are simply too steep, and it is extremely difficult to operate the treadmill without holding on to the support bars for balance. Many users will find this uncomfortable and unnatural, but the nature of a manual treadmill means that you will always be slightly less sure of foot than on an electric treadmill. This is to be expected, but not to the extent that you find in the Stamina InMotion.

Sticky Belt: The belt on the Stamina InMotion has an annoying habit of sticking every so often. While this can often be a feature of manual treadmills, and it is not difficult to get moving again, it happens a little too frequently. This implies a slight design flaw between the belt and the flywheels, and should be easily fixable.

Noise: One of the main attractions of manual treadmills is the lack of electronic motor, and as a result less noise. The Stamina InMotion is not loud by any means, but it is noticeably louder than other manual flywheel treadmills. The faster you go, the louder it gets, and it can become quite distracting.


Is the Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest manual treadmills on the market, then the Stamina InMotion manual treadmill may very well appeal to you. It’s compact, easy to use and definitely a bargain. However, if you are looking for a treadmill that offers greater functionality, and a more satisfying experience, there are several options that can offer you a more comfortable treadmill and a more comprehensive workout. For a slightly higher cost, you could be getting a distinctly superior treadmill.


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